WTF were the rapid response boys doing

Just a bunch of jihadi bikers

Outlaw bikers are crazy. Jihadi crazy, but some are crazy in their own very canada goose outlet shop special way. Look at the bottom line of what just happened in Sydney. A pack of bikers, allegedly Commanchero, deliberately stormed into an airport terminal patrolled by heavily armed agents of the state, a public space covered by dozens of security cameras, and populated by hundreds of witnesses, and there they beat a man to death with a metal bollard.

There is no question that they are crazy and that the resources of the state must be directed towards crushing them.

But canada goose outlet uk there is a very serious question hanging over the security canada goose outlet canada arrangements for the airport, and by extension for all of our major domestic airports, which raises the question of whether the state is up for it.

That eruption of insensate violence took place less than a hundred metres away from security personnel. I can imagine that the important work of Canada Goose Parka confiscating water bottles and nail clippers must go on, but surely not canada goose clearance while somebody is being beaten to death in front of you.

Even uk canada goose if those particular personnel did not feel themselves trained or equipped to deal with a bunch of brawling Hells Angels and Commanchero, where was the AFP, the officers of which are more than capable of handling such an incident?

Specifically where was the AFP’s Counter Terrorism First Response unit for Sydney Airport?

Surely not ten miles away in the CBD?

Surely not all on the dunny at the time?

There is an element of pretence in airport security. A lot of the time wastage and massive inconvenience imposed on travelers that does nothing to canada goose uk shop secure them from the depredations of committed terror networks. It’s mostly for show and arse covering. The real work of securing airports and aircraft is done by security canada goose factory outlet and intelligence forces well before the nutjobs turn up at check in. It does not explain why this happened, given the enormous volume of resources poured into securing airports.

The AFP Commissioner insisted that his officers were on the scene within five minutes, but established protocols require them to be able to respond within forty five seconds.

If a bunch of skanky bikers can do so much damage within five minutes, what would a Mumbai style attack achieve in the same time frame?

I am worried canada goose outlet sale that the reason it took the time to respond was that they were somewhere else neutralising a terrorist threat in the airport that was occurring at the same time.

Yes I realise the odds of that are unlikely and the politicians would be quick to announce that to cover their arses if that had happened.

But how much scarier canada goose outlet parka would it be if that had happened.

Hopefully some good may come of it, a reassessment of the real threats at airports and better, genuine security measures not the window dressing we currently have that you alluded to in your piece.

That’s exactly what I’ve been shouting at the TV coverage. WTF were the rapid response boys doing, or all those jackbooted muppets confiscating keyrings with flick out car keys, or the multitudes of fluoro jacketed arsewits there to canada goose outlet remind you that ‘this is a secutity and safety conscious airport, please do not leave your canada goose black friday sale bags unattended.’ What if canada goose outlet in usa aforesaid jihadi bikers were just common or garden jihadi nutbars and instead had designs on hoeing into randomly selected infidels at the check in counter, Cronulla Beach aftermath styles, with whatever came to hand?

The amount of additional security related crap that we as travellers have to deal with seems to grow exponentially every time we rock up to the airport and yet this scene out of a prison B movie can erupt at domestic check in. I reiterate. WTF.

Why does this not surprise me JB, after all, confiscating toes nail clippers is much more important than toe cutter cheap canada goose gangs, hell, just imagine for one minute the carnage of a terror attack. Fact probable is, that the response in a Third World country would possible be swifter and more appropriate.

BUT, I will be my furrrrry little arse, that for an intermediate response as was required for this, we have no personnel suitable equipped. Its not the sort of incident where one could draw their Glock or cheap canada goose Beretta 9mm and cap the offenders. Its more a taser or spray incident, with batons and with people who can handle them selves, not somfim our much vaunted baggage tuff, I’ll bust ya arse security peoples would be trained or equipped to deal with.

But that does not address the issue of why the hell it took so long. Just another case of window dressing from gummit. Its simply, quite simply, a fact that gummits just do not know how to do shit in a manner that is either required or appropriate, why should we be at all surprised at another failing. Hell, we know they can’t make the trains and PT system function like they should, even maintain roads in a manner required, canada goose black friday sale let along provide suitable air port security.

Maybe, our much vaunted AFP head should take a look around international airports, Thailand canada goose jacket outlet comes to mind actually. Not masses of hire security staff in that joint, but those puppies you do see are armed to the god dam teeth an travel in groups buy canada goose jacket cheap of 4 or more.

Whats a bet we get another tax payer funded money wasting enquiry into this oh, so god dam frequent screw up.

4 official canada goose outlet minutes, that’s pretty bloody good if you ask me.

Some Canada Goose Coats On Sale security expert (read wanker) who safely remained anonymous said that the reaction time should be 28 seconds.

How are you supposed to do that? Have a room every 50 metres or so just full of police/security that can spill out all Key stone cop like at Canada Goose Online the first sign of trouble? Who’s going to pay for that and who in here would be the first to shout “police state!” hey?

And anyway, even if you had a 28 second (hahahaha) response time, you are still only responding to a terrorist act that has already happened, so what’s the point?

Okay in this situation, yeah, they may have saved a life but is this a common event we should be prepared for at the airport? If so why just there? Shouldn’t we demand a 28 second police response time for everything then.

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